About Us


What is our goal in the long run?

Oak View Renewal Partnership is a place-based nonprofit organization engaged with residents of the Oak View neighborhood in Huntington Beach, California.

Since 2006, we have acquired resources and have developed partnerships to facilitate change in this under-served, one-square-mile community.

OVRP is accountable for empowering residents in their renewal efforts, measured by the Community Wellness Index. We developed this index — health, education, safety, jobs and housing metrics —  so that progress is not just observed but is also objectively measured. We call it “moving the needles.”


Narrow the cultural, social, educational, health and economic gap between Oak View and the remainder of Huntington Beach while serving as a model for community development.


An empowered and healthy community.

Triple-A strategy

  • We build relationships in the community and advocate within and beyond Oak View.
  • We acquire relevant resources that empower residents and address Oak View needs.
  • We are accountable for investments in Oak View by “moving the needles” across community-wide metrics.


  • Collaboration with St. Joseph Health on its Community Building Initiative, which includes a major grant to develop resident leaders in Oak View.
  • The Workforce Development Initiative including the Micro-Enterprise Development Program.
  • Resident-led Oak View Youth Soccer League (700 children) supported by the city and school district.
  • Resident-led mobile health clinic sponsored by Hoag Hospital and staffed by Healthy Smiles for Kids of Orange County and the Hurtt Mobile Clinic of the Orange County Rescue Mission.
  • Resident-led, monthly neighborhood cleanup coordinated by multiple community organizations.
  • Resident-maintained community gardens in conjunction with The Grain Project.


ovrp-04The Road Ahead

We envision an empowered and healthy Oak View community that is thriving and self-sustaining. The end state of the Partnership is to sunset — if we do our job right, we will be out of a job.

We will have fully developed resident leadership within the community with the expertise and resiliency to keep current programs flourishing and the ability to attract or develop new ones if necessary.

But community leadership alone is not enough. Creating jobs and attracting capital are also required to build strong communities. Our current focus is therefore on workforce development in addition to attracting major foundation support.